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Title: The research on the influence of heat treatment on transmission spectra ZnSe thin films [Articol]
Other Titles: Cercetarea influenţei tratamentului termic asupra spectrelor de transmisie ale straturilor subţiri de ZnSe
Authors: Popa, Mihail
Rusu, Gheorghe Ioan
Keywords: polycrystalline thin films of ZnSe
policristaline ZnSe
straturi subţiri de ZnSe
transmission spectra ZnSe thin films
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Popa, Mihail. The research on the influence of heat treatment on transmission spectra ZnSe thin films / Mihail Popa, Gheorghe Ioan Rusu // Fizică şi tehnică : procese, modele, experimente : rev. şt. a profilului de cercetare „Proprietăţile fizice ale substanţelor în diverse stări”. – 2012. – Nr 1. – P. 16-23.
Abstract: The optical transmission spectrums for ZnSe thin films have been obtained in the spectral domain of 330 – 1400 nm. With the growth of the film thickness we observe a growth in the number of interference maxims and minims, and for the thickness of d > 0.77mm, the difference between maximal and minimal transmission decreases. The presence of interference maxims and minims in transmission spectrums is determined by the multiple reflections from the film surface and represents an index that the samples are uniform and that film surfaces are plane. For thin layers with thickness d < 0.60 mm heat treatment leads to an increase in maximum and minimum interference, while for phase with the thickness d > 0.60 mm thermal treatment practically does not change the shape of the transmission spectrum.
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