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Title: Performanţa instituţiei - rezultatul eficienţei angajaţilor
Authors: Harconiţa, Elena
Keywords: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică USARB
formare profesională continuă
bibliotecari universitari
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică
Citation: Harconiţa, Elena. Performanţa instituţiei - rezultatul eficienţei angajaţilor / Elena Harconiţa // Confluenţe bibliologice : Rev. de biblioteconomie şi şt. informării. - 2012. - Nr 3. - P. 5-9.
Abstract: Balti University Library personnel management requires a sustainable partnership and a collaborative atmosphere between employees and management. Librarians participate in classes for professional development, at the national and international professional meetings: conferences, colloquia, congresses, self-guided improvement - all these contribute to career development and professional specialization. All the changes, restructuring is realized with the people, that is why, they should be always motivated, supported, trained, explained, defend and protected, because they are the people who ensure good work and success of the institution.
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