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Title: Tendinţele dezvoltării societăţii în sec. XXI [Articol]
Authors: Capcelea, Valeriu
Keywords: societate postindustrială
societate infomaţională
societatea cunoaşterii
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Capcelea, Valeriu. Tendinţele dezvoltării societăţii în sec. XXI / Valeriu Capcelea // Revista Tehnocopia : Rev. şt.-metodică. – 2010. – Nr 1(2). – P. 27-35. – ISSN 1857-3843.
Abstract: The impact of informational society and the culture of knowledge upon socioeconomic development of civilization in the XXI century are analysed in this article. The influence of information, knowledge on the educational development, new industries and new emerged digital economies upon the economic growth is also investigated. Simultaneously, the impact of these economies upon labour employment, nemployment and “spare time pollution” is considered as negative social phenomenon.
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