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Title: Process-event sememe verbal nouns in the french language [Articol]
Authors: Mascaliuc, Victoria
Keywords: verbal noun
verbe de acţiune
process-event sememe
verb of action
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Mascaliuc, Victoria. Process-event sememe verbal nouns in the french language / Victoria Mascaliuc // Speech and Context : International Journal of Linguistics, Semiotics and Literary Science. – 2015. – Nr 2 (VII). – P. 13-16. – ISSN 1857-4149.
Abstract: Verbs of action and their derivatives (verbal nouns) are in strong connection. The class of verbal nouns is characterized by a set of features that determine the link with the verbal ancestor. Although the process of verbal nouns’ formation is similar for all the representatives, they are different in character. Some of them form the nucleus and the others form the periphery of the verbal noun class. The core representatives are the verbal nouns that render the meaning of process-event. These verbal nouns are analyzed in the present article.
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