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Title: Cultura comunicării ştiinţifice : recomandări privind redactarea unui articol [Articol]
Other Titles: The culture of scientific discourse : instruction referring to editing articles
Authors: Cabac, Valeriu
Keywords: scientific discourse
the style of a scientific article
editing technologies
comunicare ştiinţifică
tehnologii de editare
stilul unui articol ştiinţific
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Cabac, Valeriu. Cultura comunicării ştiinţifice : recomandări privind redactarea unui articol = The culture of scientific discourse : instruction referring to editing articles / Valeriu Cabac // Artă şi educaţie artistică : rev. de cultură, şt. şi practică educaţională. – 2008. – Nr 1(7). – P. 74-88.
Abstract: The growth of publications on educational sciences increases the concern of scientific community about the quality of these publications. This quality depends ona number of factors: topicality of the investigated problem, the degree of originality of results, the multitude of possible research perspectives pointed in the publication. There is, however, another factor which though referring to the formal aspect is extremely important. This is observing the rules of editing and presentinga scientific publication. The aim of the article is to evoke some principles and rules which should be followed while editing a scientific article. The basic principle consists in observinga structure that requires certain points: Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Related Work, Research Methodology, Quantitative and qualitative results, Interpretations of results, Conclusions and Further Work, Acknowledgements (optional), References, Appendices (optional). The article contains a standard description of each part and offers some instructions referring to the style of the scientific article and to the editing technology based on the requirements toa scientific text and the author’s own experience. The originality of the article consists in the development of a Check List which allows the authors to check the presence of standard elements in each part of the article.
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