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Title: Premise ale universalităţii frazeologismelor somatice
Authors: Lacusta, Elena
Keywords: somatic phraseologism
somatic words
linguistic panorama of the world
symbolic value
gesture language
somatic code
frazeologism somatic
viziune asupra lumii
tablou lingvistic al lumii
valoare simbolică
limbaj gestual
cod somatic
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Lacusta, Elena. Premise ale universalităţii frazeologismelor somatice / Elena Lacusta // // NRF : Noua Revistă Filologică : Rev. de şt., cultură şi civilizaţie. - 2010. - Anul I, nr. 1-2. P. 76-81.
Abstract: The paper points out the universality of somatic phraseologisms as a result of a few extralinguistic factors: anthropocentrism of the view on the world reflected in language anthropocentrism; similitude of some life experience related to one`s body that leads to a common typology of constituting an image and to establishing some symbolic values similar to those of somatisms; similitude of gesture language described and fixed in somaticphraseologisms. The study is conducted on the basis of somatic phraseologisms in Romanian and Russian.
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