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Title: Жизнь и деятельность бессарабского педагога и лингвиста Якоба Хынку (Гинкулова) (1800 –1870) [Articol]
Authors: Котылевская, Татьяна
Keywords: Bessarabia
Theological Seminary in Chisinau
Lancaster school
valakho-moldavian language
chair east-romance philology and literature manuals
Hîncu Iacob(1800-1870)
Хынку Якоб(1800-1870)
ланкастерские школы
педагогика Бессарабии
Seminarul teologic din Chişinău
lingvişti basarabeni
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Котылевская, Татьяна. Жизнь и деятельность бессарабского педагога и лингвиста Якоба Хынку (Гинкулова) (1800 –1870) / Т. Котылевская // Glotodidactica. – 2013. – Anul IV, nr. 1. – P. 51-62. – ISSN 1857-0763
Abstract: The author of this article describes bessarabian teacher’s life and his professional activity, Iacob Hâncu was scientist and linguist. The author shows Hâncu’s contribution in organization of the first Lancaster schools in the XIXth century in Bessarabia. The special attention is given to Iacob’s activity studying and the analysis of his manual. Hе was the head of the valakho-moldavian language department. Among his works we can distinguish the following: "Tracing rules of valakho-moldavian language and anthology", "Collected works and translations in prose and poems for practicing valakho-moldavian language". In this work the objective mark for cultural, educational, phycological and pedagogical Hâncu’s activity is given. It is showed Hâncu’s role in development of east-romance philology and the distribution of east-romance literature in Russia and Western Europe.
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