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Title: Locul şi rolul deontologiei în societatea postmodernă [Articol]
Other Titles: The position and role of deontology in postmodern society
Authors: Capcelea, Valeriu
Keywords: deontologie profesională
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Capcelea, Valeriu. Locul şi rolul deontologiei în societatea postmodernă = The position and role of deontology in postmodern society / Valeriu Capcelea // Conferinţa internaţională Lumen, 21 mai - 3 iunie. - Iaşi, 2012. - P. [184-201].
Abstract: The article touches upon problems related to deontology’s role and its location in the postmodern society which, on one hand, presents a sum of behavioral rules for a particular social group that ensures the moral character of determined interactions or of those associated with the professional activity, and on the other, a scientific discipline which investigates the specifics of moral demonstrations in various areas of activities. The deontology applies, in particular, to those social groups for which the society presents the highest moral requirements. Nowadays, the designing of applied moral norms, including deontological, is a strategic process for further development of contemporary ethics, intended to overcome the difficulties in their development within the previous traditional ethics.
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