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Title: Dinamica informatizării Bibliotecii Ştiinţifice a Universităţii de Stat “Alecu Russo” [Articol]
Authors: Afatin, Igor
Keywords: library computerization
informational programme
access to information
electronic catalogue
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică USARB
Citation: Afatin, Igor. Dinamica informatizării Bibliotecii Ştiinţifice a Universităţii de Stat “Alecu Russo” / Igor Afatin // Confluenţe şi integrare calitativă a cărţii, activităţii bibliotecare şi a infrastructurii informaţionale în procesul didactico-ştiinţific universitar : Materialele conf. şt. consacrate aniversării a 60-a a Bibl. Univ., 4 noiem., 2005. - Bălţi. - 2005. - P. 86-93.
Abstract: The first informational programme acquired by the Scientific Library was AIBS MARC. In 1992 four computers were connected into a local network with the help of the MICROSOFT WORK GROUP FOR DOS programme, fact that improved the data exchange. A year later the server Novell was installed, thus passing to a more advanced level of informatising. The catalogue became unique, dynamic and flexible. In 1998 the Library acquired a new programme the soft TinLib. More versions of TinLib were implemented, new servers were added thus spreading the access to information. Today the Library offers access to Internet, national Biblioteca Ştiinţifică a USB la 60 de ani 87 and foreign data basis, it elaborates and applies more applied informational prgrammes.
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