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Title: Fişe tematice la disciplinele socio-umane
Authors: Pădureac, Lidia
Keywords: modernization
informational data
thematic list
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Pădureac, Lidia. Fişe tematice la disciplinele socio-umane / Lidia Pădureac // Tradiţie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică, Ediţia a 3-a : Materialele Colloquia Professorum, 12 oct. 2012. - Bălţi. - 2014. - P. 34-41.
Abstract: The transformations in society create new situation in different fields, the educational system inclusive. The higher education as an integral part of this system is meant to be continuously modernized in order to ensure an effective education. The accumulation of past superimposed on modern informational stress require the identification of an efficient way of selection and assimilation of necessary volume of theoretical knowledge and practical competency within the socio-humanistic disciplines. Therein, within the university courses can be used different methods of activity. One of the most efficient methods could be the Thematic lists – the way of systematization, processing, analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information. On condition that each studied theme is accompanied by such a list, the student will be able to form a complex vision about studied discipline in order to position himself easily in his thematic content.
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