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Dissemination of participation in the National Conference of the Romanian Librarians Association in Brasov


National Conference ABRSilvia Ciobanu, head of the Centre of Marketing. Editorial activity participated in the National Conference of the Romanian Librarians Association, Braşov (September 6-8, 2017). She related about this manifestation to USARB librarians beginning with the event’s program, her participation with the communication "Culture of Information in the International Project LNSS" and turned toinformation about National Conference at the Romanian Librarians Association site.

National Conference ABRThe event took place at Transilvania University and included 12 sections. The meeting of Romanian librarians was welcomed by the official representatives, the moderators being Petruţa Voicu, General Secretary of ABR and Angela Repanovici Professor, PhD ing., president of the Information Culture section. The communications addressed topics related to new technologies, modern applications for libraries, programs already implemented in libraries in Romania, evaluation of the visibility of research in the Republic of Moldova through the National Bibliometric Instrument, new skills for librarians: the international master's degree in digital libraries, etc.

National Conference ABR

Several books edited in the ABR collection have been released, including the fundamental work Tractate of Librarianship and Information Science, vol. III, coordinated by univ. Prof., Dr. Mircea REGNEALĂ, a book purchased for the USARB Specialised Library.

Librarians took note of the materials of the previous Conference, promotional materials, information provided by organizers and sponsors.
Silvia Ciobanu told her colleagues about the historical places and the impressions from the documentary trip on the Brasov - Rasnov City - Rasnov Fortress.

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